Why Hope Women’s Centers Exists

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Hope Tag Line

Today, at least 1 in 3 pregnancies in Broward County ends in abortion and in the U.S., we are missing one third of the Millennial (Gen “Y”) generation. 1/3. We know that there is much more work for Hope Women’s Centers to do. We know that if no one stands for life, the voices of those profiting from abortions in our country will continue to get louder and more attractive, especially to those women in unplanned pregnancies who do not want to be pregnant. Our current medical …

Father of Two

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Father of two

We see God move in the lives of our patients everyday and we are excited to see more men than ever before accompanying their partners to our centers. We are developing our men’s ministry called Men of Hope where male volunteers will be in our centers available to meet with the young men that come with their partners. Studies have shown that the most influential person on a woman’s decision to carry or abort is the baby’s father, so it is crucial to involve him in the decision-making process. …

How Did I Get Here?

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How Did I Get Here?

Based on a true story. It was a rainy morning in south Florida. The dreary weather was the perfect backdrop to my state of mind. I parked my car at the abortion clinic and headed toward the door to “get it over with”. Standing there in the rain with his head bowed was a man who looked up as I passed by him. “Are you going in there”, he asked softly, nodding towards the clinic. I said, “yes”. I noticed that he had kind eyes. …

Deeper Healing

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Deeper Healing

I went to the Hope Women’s Centers Volunteer Orientation with the desire to volunteer. In my mind this would be a simple process because all elements added up: they had the need for volunteers and I had some free time, the heart and the passion to make a difference for the Lord. The first person to speak was Betty, the Client Services Director who was a delight. She was professional and informative and you could tell she knew her stuff. I thought at any moment she would …

Why I Walk For Life, Essie’s Story

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Why I Walk For Life, Essie' Story

Over the years we have come to hear many stories as to how God moved in the hearts of individuals to begin supporting local women and men facing unplanned pregnancies through Hope Women’s Centers. For many the Walk for Life was the first time people partnered with us, choosing to jump in and begin fundraising for Hope as Sponsored Walkers. Many times the individuals that respond to God’s call to proactively help local women and men became the catalyst for others to get involved and we are …

Why I Walk For Life, Michelle’s Story

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Why I Walk For Life, Michelle's Story

This is why I walk for Hope and for life. It has been almost 20 years since the day I returned to Hope Women’s Centers desperate for help. I was lost, alone, and terrified.  I’d let myself be deceived into making a bad situation even worse by having an abortion.  The regret was overwhelming and I was sinking deep into a black pit.   I was shaken, frantic, and hopeless. All that I thought I was or would ever become seemed to be fading away, like …