Mom, I’m Pregnant

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You see your daughter’s number on the caller ID and you happily reach for the phone. She is a busy college student, and the calls are not as frequent as they were in her freshman year. After you say hello, there is a pause. Then she says, “Mom, are you sitting down?” Your mother’s intuition kicks in and you immediately know this is not going to be a good phone call. You tell yourself, “Get a grip. She says, “Mom, I’m pregnant.” She is pregnant! …

The Big Lie: Quality of Life

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“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you a hope and a future.” ~ Jeremiah 29:11 TRUE or FALSE? Does God have a plan for every life, or does He just leave us alone is a harsh world to do the best we can? There is a huge lie that is becoming part of the fabric of our society, creeping insidiously into our minds, our hearts, our homes, …

Is Abortion Really in the Church?

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DIverse People Holding Text Church

Do you ever just get tired of reading all of the gloom and doom that your conservative pro-life friends post on social media? I confess that I just skip over some of it, even though I am the CEO of an evangelical  pregnancy medical clinic. I have to keep my mind in a fresh, creative mode and I need to concentrate on things that are positive. There is a tendency to blame the organized church for the fact that abortion is still with us, 42 …

Grandpa Volunteers

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I had no idea that I would ever volunteer at a pregnancy medical clinic. I am a grandfather who has a home-based business.  I wasn’t looking for a job in a pregnancy center – or anywhere else for that matter! Being very missions-minded, my wife and I got involved in a new church start-up in an urban neighborhood and I figured that was enough work for me. Our pastor started talking about the needs of women in our neighborhood for the services of a pregnancy …

Are You A World Changer?

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Can you imagine doing something that changes the world? Many years ago I was asked to serve on a committee to help start a pregnancy resource center in Broward County. Even though I was in church almost every Sunday, I hadn’t really though too much about the issue of abortion. I was married, I wanted to have children – so I couldn’t see that I would ever consider having abortion. But twenty years ago I didn’t really have any strong feelings one way or another about …