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Nurse Manager 

Objectives of the position:

The Nurse Manager of Hope Women’s Centers oversees the provision of patient care and medical services operations and performs patient care, under the license and direction of the medical director. The ideal candidate will be a strong servant-leader, a self-starter, highly organized, with excellent communication skills. Candidate must be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord; must exhibit a strong commitment to the pro-life position, must exhibit a strong commitment and dedication to the sanctity of all human life, and must exhibit a strong commitment to sexual purity. Must agree with and be willing to uphold the Statement of Faith and policies of Hope Women’s Centers.

Please submit resume to:

Supervision: Reports to Executive Director and Medical Director

Supervises: All nursing personnel

Full-time position/Salary

Requirement and Qualifications:

  1. Must possess a current nursing license in good standing with the Florida Board of Nursing.

  2. Have two years of experience as a nurse in a clinical setting.

  3. Have two years of experience in a pregnancy center (preferred).

  4. Have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing or equivalent experience.

  5. Previous certification in obstetrical ultrasound preferred; commitment to obtain training in sonography and completion of minimum qualifying training scans within a reasonable time after date of hire.

  6. Be an active affiliate of a local Bible-believing church and provide a pastor reference along with the employment application.

Responsibilities: General

Perform the following duties in accordance with existing medical policies and procedures under the authority and direction of the medical director.

  1. Patient Care
    a. Provide clinical services in accordance with level of expertise and training.
    b. To train and oversee medical staff and volunteers to make sure that all required forms are completed and placed in patient’s file.
    c. Thoroughly explain all medical consent forms to patients, and answer questions prior to providing any medical services.
    d. To provide support, training, and supervision to all medical staff regarding the linear services model of counseling used at Hope Women’s Centers.
    e. Document patient care in charts and properly maintain and archive patient medical records.
    f. Provide patients with health education (pregnancy decision options, STDs/STIs, etc.), referrals for medical care/follow-up, and other pertinent community referrals.
    g. Conduct phone follow-up with patients, as indicated.
    h. Discuss clinical questions, as needed with the medical director.
    i. Provide support to other medical staff, including chaperoning.

  2. Medical Services Operations
    a. Assure accurate implementation of medical director’s orders.
    b. Audit patient records quarterly.
    c. Maintain staff medical records.
    d. Provide in-service education to staff, as needed.
    e. Implement clinic policies and procedures (P&P), including compliance with OSHA, CLIA, privacy practices, and infection control.
    f. Conduct annual review of P&P and infection control regulations in conjunction with the medical director.
    g. Orient new medical staff to clinic duties and responsibilities, and provide ongoing supervision to any nurses, medical assistants, and RDMSs.
    h. Conduct annual evaluations of nurses and medical personnel.
    i. Coordinate medical staff schedules.
    j. Ensure that medical equipment is properly operated and maintained.
    k. Conduct regular medical supply inventory and ensure that clinics are properly stocked.
    l. Ensure proper disinfection of medical equipment and exam rooms.
    m. In conjunction with the medical director, ensure the OSHA orientation of all new personnel, provide annual refreshers, and monitor facility compliance.

  3. Emergencies
    a. Train staff to handle emergency phone calls.
    b. Follow guidelines for responding to emergencies and unusual ultrasound findings as specified in the P&P manual.
    c. Train staff to handle on-site emergency situations.

  4. Continuing Education
    a. Maintain active nursing license.
    b. Comply with Florida state professional continuing education requirements.
    c. Annually renew and ensure that all medical staff annually renews CPR certification.
    d. Annually review P&P and infection control regulations.

  5. Public Relations
    a. Build relationships with medical resources in the community.
    b. Identify physicians and/or agencies who may be willing to provide no cost or lowcost services for our patients.
    c. Identify pro-life physicians who would like to be added to our referral list.
    d. Represent Hope Women’s Centers in the community, particularly to increase clientele, nurse volunteer help, physician involvement and financial support. Examples: participate in community activities as requested and participate in fundraising events.

  6. Care of the Ministry
    a. Protection of the ministry through prayerful care of one another; staff and volunteers.

    The Nurse Manager shall receive a yearly written and oral evaluation by the Executive Director.

Please read Hope’s Statement of Faith prior to applying.

Hope’s Employment Policies

As stated in the Policies and Procedures Manual, Part I, Page 2, Hope Women’s Centers does not enter into employment contracts with its employee or volunteers. This Policies and Procedures Manual is not a contract, and it can be changed at any time. Hope Women’s Centers recognizes the right of its employees and volunteers to terminate their employment/volunteer relationship with Hope Women’s Centers at any time for any reason. Similarly, Hope Women’s Centers reserves the right to terminate its employment and/or volunteer relationship with any employee or volunteer at any time for any reason.

The above job descriptions are not necessarily an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, skills, efforts, requirements or working conditions associated with the job. While this is intended to be an accurate reflection of the current job, Hope Women’s Centers reserves the right to revise the job or to require that other or different tasks be performed as assigned.

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