God Remembers His People

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She was young, eager, and giving life her all. For justice and compassion for the voiceless, she stood tall. But long she’d waited for promises to be fulfilled. She grew weary until she remembered her God was good willed. Have you ever felt the way this girl did? I recently heard a song that says, “[It] feels like standing on a runway watching everybody else fly by.” Can’t life feel like that at times? You look up quizzically wondering if God has forgotten you. Sometimes …

Discover God’s Timing

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Discover God’s Timing

Have you ever noticed how nothing happens the way we think it will? For example, we get the job, but it’s not the one we expected. We have our needs met, but not the way we anticipated it. Or, maybe we get to where we needed to be, but it was not where we thought it’d be. Life is full of twists, turns and detours; yet, God’s timing is in the midst of it all. Timing is an interesting phenomenon. You need the right timing …