Hope Women’s Centers exists to encourage and equip women and men to make informed decisions regarding unplanned pregnancies.

Introduction To Volunteering

Each quarter, we host a seminar at our Fort Lauderdale Medical Center that introduces what it means to serve as a volunteer at Hope Women’s Centers.

The purpose of this orientation is to give a broad overview of our ministry and our mission to those men and women who want to know more about our work!

The new training program that we are implementing is called Making Life Disciples. It is an initiative of Care Net, the national organization we are affiliated with. Originally intended for use in the church, this powerful six video presentation instructs all Christians how to disciple women and men who may be considering abortion with compassion, hope, and help.

Session 1 will be covered in the introductory seminar. Afterwards, each candidate will meet with our Client Services Director and schedule their “next steps”, according to their interest.

There are so many ways for women and men to serve in the centers for those who can make a weekly commitment of serving a 4-hour shift:

  • Client advocates
  • Receptionists and clerical assistants
  • Sonographers and nurses
  • Medical assistants
  • Ultrasound assistants

Volunteers also serve in “outside-the-box” roles as:

  • church liaisons and events volunteers
  • handymen, cleaning service providers
  • plumbers, painters, professional printers

If God is calling you, we can equip you! The Making Life Disciples trailer gives you a glimpse of the high-quality training you will receive in every class.

Register to Attend the Introductory Seminar

Volunteer Orientations are held at our Fort Lauderdale Medical Center.

If you have questions about the Volunteer Orientation, or would prefer to register by phone, call our Client Services Director, Rebecca Pratt at 954-372-7089.

Only persons who are 20 years of age or older are considered for volunteer service in the centers. EXCEPTION: High school juniors and seniors who are a minimum of 16 years old may be trained to answer phones, confirm appointments, and fulfill other clerical roles in the centers, only after interview and approval by the Client Services Director. The Client Services Director will train these volunteers and assess their maturity level and readiness to serve in the centers.